ausquip rentals & leasing

Ausquip Rentals & Leasing is an associated company of Auswest Financial Services. We specialise in equipment finance only. As equipment finance is our core business our focus is directed on providing a solution to whatever the needs are of our clients and getting the job done. Ausquip deals with new and existing clients, various suppliers and strategic alliances such as accountants.

Ausquip first started providing finance for the beauty industry in 1998 but now provides finance options for industries of all types. See examples of our suppliers >

Providing your intended equipment purchase is for business use we will have a finance option for it.

Remember it is not what the equipment costs your business ‘it is what the equipment makes in $$ income for your business’.


Rental Finance for equipment under $35,000 is rapidly becoming the most popular way of funding income producing equipment. As technology rapidly moves ahead at times it becomes almost impossible to keep pace with the latest developments. A rental product allows you to keep pace with technology with rental contract terms from 12 – 60 months. This allows your business to preserve its working capital. Upgrades and additional equipment are available on most contracts.

Equipment rental is ideal for busineses that:

  • Require up to date equipment so as to maintain their competitive edge in their chosen industry
  • Wish to preserve working capital
  • Want the best tax benefits
  • Want to avoid constraints related to capital budgets.
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Ausquip Leasing allows clients to lease older equipment and machinery and provides a leaseback facility to raise working capital.

Traditional Leasing products are only for new equipment and equipment up to four years old. Our specialist funders will look at all types of older equipment and machinery.


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